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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Startup failure is the key of Successful businessman

   Startup failure is the key of Successful businessman By Aditya PanditI would like to explain something about us, see I’m very simple things anyone can understand me, anyone can modify me that mean to say I’m totally in your hand, in your mind but we need one thing small steps and work hard if you want to go long, otherwise I can’t help you so before using me or knowing me you should to understand what you want to do? What is your capacity? What is your goal? How you can use me for your goal achievement? I’m everywhere invisible things. i can see you every time every moment, so every time you should to alert what are you doing or what is your goal . Myself startup or first step We are every day listen startup, startup but no one understand what is startup? We are using startup word in business field That mean to say if you start new business in any filed we can say you are startup. Usually someone using this sentence for small and initially financed funded and operated by a handful of founders or one individual. In India or globally lots of people starting small to large business in deferent filed and also lots shut downing company someone successful or failure. Why someone successful? People who are successful in his startup business I think they are know what is he doing and what is he want. Why someone failure? People who are failure in his startup business I think they know everything as per successful people but they are not trusting on yourself because they know all they fearing to do any new things like me I’m also big failure many times in education, business and many more but now I’m realized one things “Startup failure is the key of Successful businessman”


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